Lucia Kannada Movie Online

Lucia released online! The only “catch” is that it is not yet released in India.

Click this link to watch the movie online :

Why watch Lucia?

  • It is a fresh concept, and an enjoyable movie.
  • It has English subtitles – first Kannada movie to have it.
  • Audience chose it as the best film in London Indian Film Festival.
  • It is an experiment at every level – script, music, cinematography, casting, and above all production too. It is the first crowd-funded movie in Kannada.
  • In the movie hall that I watched Lucia, people clapped at the end. And people were still talking about it when they were walking out. This is not something that happens with other movies, even when they have huge budget and superstars playing lead roles.
  • When you watch the movie, I make some good money. You help me pay my bills – this is the most important reason 🙂

The team :

The Music :

The Blog, maintained by Pawan :

Pawan Kumar’s filmography and other details on wiki :


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